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BibleAsk is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing Bible-based answers to questions about the Bible and Christian faith. Our mission is to serve as a reliable resource for individuals seeking spiritual guidance and understanding online. Through our website, we aim to optimize content for search engines, ensuring that our answers reach a wide audience searching for answers and positively impact lives.

In an age where information is readily available but not always reliable, BibleAsk seeks to fill a crucial gap by offering Biblically truthful responses to inquiries about the Bible and Christianity. Our platform serves as a beacon of clarity and wisdom in a world where spiritual questions abound.


  • Provide Bible-based Answers: Offer well-researched, biblically grounded responses to questions related to faith, theology, biblical interpretation, and Christian living.
  • Optimize Website for Search Engines: Develop content strategies and implement search engine optimization (SEO) techniques to ensure that our answers rank high in search engine results, maximizing visibility and reach for a searching world.
  • Foster Spiritual Growth: Encourage deeper engagement with scripture and personal spiritual growth through thoughtful responses, resources shared on our website as well as our live podcast.
  • Cultivate Community: Create a welcoming online community both on our website and social media where individuals can ask questions, engage in discussions, and find support on their spiritual journey.
  • Promote Online Evangelism: Utilize digital platforms to share the message of Christianity and reach individuals who may be seeking answers to questions about faith.

Your support will help us fulfill this mission and delegate funds in a manner that will support these objectives.

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