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This is a general fund to support BibleAsk in Online Evangelism. BibleAsk started on the goal of providing Bible Based Answers to a searching world. Since its foundation in 2009 it has reached millions. Today approximately 90% of its traffic comes from people using search engines to find answers to their Bible questions. Your support can help us continue this mission.

Support the efforts to share these Bible answers into more languages!


Translating material into Arabic is vital for inclusivity and empowerment. It ensures access to essential information and cultural resources for millions of Arabic speakers worldwide. This fosters learning, understanding, and cultural exchange, enriching our global community and promoting inclusivity.


Translating material into French is important to ensure accessibility and inclusivity for millions of French speakers worldwide. It enables individuals to access essential information, educational resources, and cultural content in their native language, fostering learning, understanding, and cultural exchange.

Hindi / Malayalam

Translating material into Hindi and Malayalam plays a pivotal role in spreading Christian teachings and enabling both believers and non-believers in these communities to access spiritual guidance in their native languages. It fosters inclusivity and empowers individuals to deepen their faith, and facilitates cultural exchange.


Translating Bible answers into Spanish is essential for reaching millions of Spanish-speaking individuals worldwide, providing them access to the transformative messages and spiritual guidance of the Bible. It empowers individuals to deepen their faith, and enriching Christian understanding across Spanish-speaking regions.

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